Ever since I could be propped up on the couch without risk of rolling away, I was completely enthralled with all there is to do with television. From the storyline and costumes to the cinematography, set design and cleverness, I could not get enough of commercials (yes, commercials).

Me at 2, in my natural habitat.

Me at 2, in my natural habitat.

Ahhh… the enigmatic television ad. To some, its an unpleasant interruption during the best part of their show. To others, its the time for a quick bathroom and snack break. But to me, commercials have always been a wanted break; a quick, clever story with an objective. (The best ones required a bit of thought before that elusive ‘ah-ha’ moment. But damn, it felt good when that moment arrived. A high I strive to deliver every single day).

Commercials have always been the unsung hero of television, only given a bad wrap because people were too busy to smell the roses while waiting for their show to come back on (anyone who disagrees, get @ me). Growing up without cable meant there were almost no channels to flip through during commercials, which led to actually watching them! And growing to appreciate them in all their glory.

As time went on, my passion for all things advertising continued to develop. From print and radio to billboards and direct mail, I just could not stop paying attention to them. (Looks like the creatives did their jobs right!) The mediums for which to create content continues to increase. And I’ve worked on nearly all of them. I’m excited to see where the advertising world will go to next.

Now, enough about me. What’s most important is the work, after all. So check out some of my stuff under, you guessed it, ‘work’.